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Here’s What It’s Like To Parent With Anxiety

Anxiety is tricky. It’s one of those invisible things that seems SO visible to the people that suffer from it. You think everybody is staring at you. And if you are dealing with parenting on top of anxiety (or anxiety on top of parenting), you are not alone. Many of us have been there, but…

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Edible Mud Sensory Play

This edible mud kids can play and eat is such a fun sensory activity. Enjoy the taste of the sweet mud, gummy worms, and udon noodles while exploring the wet squishy texture of the “mud”. Kids of all ages will love this edible mud craft! Edible Mud Kids Can Play With Do you have children…

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12 Water Cycle Activities for 2nd Graders

Learning the water cycle can be a fun activity with all the options that we have rounded up for you today. These activities are perfect for second graders in a science class or after-school activity. Favorite Water Cycle Activities for Kids Second graders will have fun learning the stages of the water cycle by singing…

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