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Best Coffee Shops in DC to Visit with Kids

Ah, coffee. So comforting. So rejuvenating. So… difficult to sit and enjoy with kids around—at least in my experience! If you need more coffee in your life—and the chance to actually finish it—we’ve rounded up the best coffee shops in DC to visit with kids. Want to meet up with friends and their kids for

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22 Free Indoor Places To Play in NYC

Fun, free indoor places to play in NYC are always a welcome diversion in our book, particularly when we’re staring down another long Northeast winter, and entertaining the kids during this extended, chilly season isn’t easy or cheap. We went hunting for free indoor places to play fueled by our desire to escape our cramped

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Make the Coolest Little LEGO Pocket Case

I love this simple and small DIY project to create a travel LEGO case that is so tiny that it fits in a pocket. Kids can take their favorite bricks wherever they go for impromptu LEGO play! DIY Lego Case that Fits in Your Pocket Legos are the perfect toy.  My kids can play with…

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30 Best Things To Do this Winter in Westchester and the Hudson Valley: Our 2023 Winter Fun List

Stave off cabin fever this season with this ultimate guide to winter fun in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. We’ve discovered 30 fun ways to spend the cold winter days and to keep kids active and entertained all winter long. Whether you’re looking for winter sports, weekend getaways, workshops, nature programs, or indoor activities, we’ve got you covered.

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Free Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in Orlando to Have Fun

It’s no surprise that Orlando has an abundance of indoor playground spots and indoor entertainment centers for families, but these can get pricey, especially if you have more than one child. Luckily, Orlando also has FREE indoor playground areas that allow kids to let loose and explore at no cost. From soft indoor playground spots at the mall,

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10 Best Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops on Long Island

Looking for the best coffee shops on Long Island? Read on for our top family-friendly picks.  Coffee shops are so many things–gathering spots, places to work, or spaces to relax and get cozy. They are also great places to take the kids.  With caffeine-free options and over-the-top sweet treats, many of the best coffee shops

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Free Indoor Play Spots in New Jersey for Kids

From malls and toy stores to libraries and bookstores, these indoor play spots banish winter boredom–at least for a little while. The best part? They’re all FREE! So grab a coffee and a friend, and schedule your next play date at one of these indoor gems. For even more family fun, don’t miss our guide

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