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Free Museums and Free Museum Days in NYC for Kids

When it comes to saving money on culture, there are tons of free museum days and free admission hours offered at a wide variety of New York City’s top museums, zoos, gardens, and cultural institutions. Many of these local cultural hubs offer free or reduced admission on certain nights, days, or hours at least once a

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Free Museums and Free Museum Days for Kids in Chicago

Looking for free museums in Chicago? We have a list of Chicago’s best free museums, plus free museum days at other top museums. Chicago’s museums, zoos, and parks rank among the best in the country—and lucky for busy, cash-strapped parents, many museums, zoos, gardens, and cultural institutions offer FREE or reduced admission at least once a

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Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards – Stargazing With Kids

Kids will have fun learning about their favorite stars and constellations with these fun constellation sewing cards, also called lacing cards or lace-up cards. Invite your kids to have fun navigating their way around the star paths while honing their hand-eye coordination skills. Constellations for kids activities like these lace up cards work great at…

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Ball Activities For Toddlers

Golf balls, soft balls, tennis balls… No matter the size of the ball, they are a great way to help younger children practice several skills in different ways! We are sharing 15 ball activities for toddlers that are so much fun! Simple Ball Activities for Young Children Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love fun…

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30 Best Things To Do on Long Island in Winter 2023

Looking for the best things to do on Long Island this winter? Read on for dozens of great options.  The holiday bells have jingled, but winter is far from over. As temperatures dip on Long Island, it can be harder to keep the kiddos entertained. Have no fear–we’ll help you get through this winter without too many boredom-induced tantrums.

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Free Museums and Free Museum Days in Philly

Free museums and free museum days abound at Philly’s finest institutions. Browse our list of all the times museums in Philadelphia are free.  Making a museum visit a part of your family’s routine is easier than you think! Philadelphia and its suburbs are chock-full of amazing institutions with lots of opportunities for free admission. Whether your little ones are

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Free Museum Days in Orlando to Make Kids and Parents Happy

Entertaining kids can be exhausting and expensive—why not leave it to the experts and take the kiddos to FREE museums in Orlando?! Orlando museums are a great way to open children’s eyes to the world around them, offering lessons in history, art, and science without them even realizing they’re learning. And by focusing on museums

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Free Museums Near DC to Visit with Kids

Looking for a fun indoor activity with kids that won’t break the bank? Bring your family to one of the many free museums near DC that are engaging, fun, and provide a much-needed dose of culture. While many of these free museums in DC and Northern Virginia are Smithsonian institutions, there are also several other

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Free Museum Days in Atlanta to Explore Your World

Atlanta museums are great ways to spend a weekend with kids, especially during the cold winter and scorching summer. But if you don’t have a membership, admission prices can add up quickly. Fortunately, we have the scoop on all of the FREE Atlanta museums as well as the ones that have certain free museum days throughout the year. Because isn’t

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