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How to handle a disruptive child during circle time

“Can I ask a question? It’s not about this session, tough.” This is how many conversations start for me at early childhood education conferences and when I give training to preschool teachers. While grabbing coffee or in the lunch lineup. The number one thing teachers want to ask me about is this: How to handle

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22 Christmas Hacks to Make the Holidays More Fun

Make your holiday season a bit easier and more fun with these genius Christmas Hacks. From Christmas decorations to holiday entertainment, we have the best Christmas tips and tricks around…oh, and they really work! Genius Christmas Hacks Make this Christmas season magical with all these amazing Christmas hacks. Christmas doesn’t have to be a stressful…

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Washi Tape Heart Craft

This heart craft is such a fun washi tape craft! It’s the perfect craft for kids of all ages: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. This heart craft is easy to make and is a great way to use up some washi tape! This heart craft is perfect for at home or in the classroom. Washi Tape…

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