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15 Creative Yarn Crafts

We are loving these yarn crafts! You can use yarn for so many creative projects other than knitting. We’re going to help you get crafty today by sharing a whole list of ideas for using yarn. Whether you know how to finger knit or not, we love these ideas for all skill levels! Yarn Crafts…

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180+ {Gorgeous} Fall Crafts

Check out all of these fun fall crafts! We have over 200 to choose from! You will be busy the entire fall season. Kids of all ages will love all of these fun diy projects. 180+ {Gorgeous} Fall Crafts We are gathering lots of fall crafts to keep us busy while we start to spend…

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Art of Problem Solving’s Math and English Enrichment Program Teaches Thinking, Not Memorization

Art of Problem Solving offers math and language arts enrichment for advanced learners from grades 2-12 in Irvine, Orange County. A generation ago, many occupations required people to repeatedly solve routine problems–but, now, most of those jobs are performed by computers! To set today’s students up for success, they need to learn critical problem-solving skills,

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This Mega Bounce House Is Coming to a Mall Near You

Ready for a crazy, bounce house adventure? Bounce the Mall is a unique, touring inflatable attraction that’s making its rounds at Simon malls across the country. Bounce the Mall is currently thrilling kids—and kids-at-heart—in Elizabeth, New Jersey. But, act fast, this action-packed adventure is moving on after one more weekend of fun. Read more. Read More

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20 Free Online Games For Kids to Play Together

When kids live far away from their friends or cousins, FaceTime, Zoom, and other video-chat tools are a great way for them to stay connected. But sometimes they end up awkwardly staring at the screen, wondering what to talk about. That’s when they can play some fun and free online games for kids. These games

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